Now and Future President of Mars Elect

Yes. I am the President of Mars. Thank you to my constituency. I never would have made it this far without you all getting out the vote, and sharing my passion of reaching a Free and Democratic Mars governed under the First Corporation of Mars. But, it is an even longer road from here. We all must continue to rally…

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One Look is Never Enough

More proof that the view only gets better the closer to mars. Also my administration concedes that. No time lapse is superfluous.

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Curiosity’s Seven Minutes OF TERROR!

Fear not, our descent to our new home will be far gentler.  Especially if you vote for Blake Mason for President of Mars.

Must Know All the Particles to Ride the Ride

In Case You Missed It

If you’re wondering as much about what Mars, and your trip to it, as you are your choice for president, here are all 135 NASA Shuttle flights.  All at once.  [Via Universe Today]

Food on Mars


The trip to Mars could take years, and once we get there we’ll have only what we’ve brought, found, and created.  This includes our food.  Maya R. Cooper, a senior research scientist at NASA, suggests plants that multi-task, a bioregenerative system, releasing oxygen, purifying the air and water supplies, and sustenance,…

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Spacesuits of the Future


In my administration’s continued effort to accurately and honestly exhibit our future life on Mars I present the spacesuit of the future. Current spacesuit options are constrictive, heavy, and terribly expensive.  Final Frontier Design offers a single layer, light weight, flexible, especially in the hands.  After their glove came in…

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